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Client Books

Here are some of the many book projects I’ve worked on with clients:

Voice Lessons: A Sister’s Story

Voice Lessons: A Sisters Story by Cara Mentzel. Voice Lessons is the story of one younger sister growing up in the shadow of her larger-than-life older sister, Idina Menzel. Featured on The Today Show, Pickler & Ben, NY Live and (Macmillan, 2017)

Caged Eyes

Caged Eyes: An Air Force Cadet’s Story of Rape and Resilience by Lynn Hall. An insider’s account of misogyny and rape in the US military and her extraordinary path to recovery and activism. (Beacon Press, 2017)

Poco a Poco

Poco a Poco: A Memoir, by Michele Morris. What happens when a vacation turns into tragedy 5,000 miles from home? Poco a Poco follows Michele Morris’s courageous journey from her husband’s shocking collapse in the Madrid airport to her heartbreaking loss six months later. Recounting her experience with brutal honesty and raw emotion, Morris invites readers to travel with her from Spain to Colorado on a journey of grief, loss, and recovery. (Outskirts Press, 2018)

An Insider's Guide to Orthopedic Surgery

An Insider’s Guide to Orthopedic Surgery by Elizabeth Kauffman. Nearly two million Americans undergo elective orthopedic surgery each year, and the numbers keep growing. When you are ready for your procedure, you’ll want a copy of this book to prepare yourself (and your home) for a quicker, more thorough recovery. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2018)

Darwin’s First Theory

Darwin’s First Theory: Exploring Darwin’s Quest to Find a Theory of the Earth by Rob Wesson. Wesson, scientist emeritus at the U.S. Geological Survey, reexamines Darwin’s life and his Beaglevoyage to illuminate the great scientist’s contributions to geology. (Pegasus Books, 2017)

A Mind To Stay

A Mind to Stay: White Plantation, Black Homeland by Sydney Nathans. This book brings to life a vivid cast of characters and illuminates the changing meaning of land and landowning to successive generations of rural African Americans. (Havard University Press, 2017)

Labor of Love

Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte by Suzanne Hoffman. A groundbreaking book about the women and families behind the wine estates of one of the world’s greatest viticultural regions – Piemonte, Italy. Silver medal winner, Independent Book Publishers Association Best Regional Non-Fiction, Silver medal winner, Foreword INDIES Reviews. (Under Discovered Publishing, 2016)


SHOUT: A loud and lively book showcasing the talents, thoughts, ideas and voices of kids who are differently “able” by Pat Loewi. SHOUT is an original, one-of-a-kind book with over 70 pieces of stunning art and words of wisdom from 90 intellectually and physically challenged youth. (Shout, Inc. 2015)

Edible Memory

Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods By Jennifer A. Jordan. In Edible Memory, Jordan examines the ways people around the world have sought to identify and preserve old-fashioned varieties of produce. (University of Chicago Press, 2015)

The Good Daughter

The Good Daughter: Secrets, Life Stories and Healing by Connie Shoemaker. A memoir about caregiving by an adult only child who is responsible for a father with Alzheimer’s and a demanding mother who competes for attention. (Amity Bridge Books, 2015)

Money Secrets

Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing by Kim Curtis. Money Secrets provides a front row seat to what the financial industry doesn’t want you to know about investing–from an insider who believes you deserve the truth. Independent Book Publishers IPPY Awards, Silver Medalist; Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, Silver Medalist; International Readers’ Favorite Award, Business/Finance category; USA Book News Awards, Business/Finance category. (Financial Literacy Press, 2014)

The Third Law

The Third Law by Tamra Ryan. This book explores what is required for chronically unemployed and impoverished women to create new lives for themselves. Gold Medal Winner, 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards for Women/Minorities in Business, Gold Medal Winner, 2015 Living Now Book Awards for Social Activism/Charity, Winner, The Book Excellence Award for Civic/Social Change (Gilpin House Press, 2013)

The Business of Wanting More

The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move From Success to Fulfillment and Others Don’t by Brian Gast. Amazon Bestseller, Leadership Books, Finalist in the ‘Self-Help: Motivational’ category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards; Finalist in the Motivational category of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. (Barnegat Press Company, 2012)

Let Love In

Let Love In: Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner by Deb Berndt, international relationship expert. (2010)