In my first job out of college, I became incensed as I watched my boss sexually harass the intern I’d hired. My coworkers all looked the other way. But I couldn’t. Instead, I wrote a letter alerting the board of directors to his behavior. Before sending it, I shared the letter with my boss, who–no surprise–accused me of insubordination and fired me.

Far from being outraged, I was relieved. The firing allowed me to pursue what I’d always wanted and that was to become a freelance writer. If I hadn’t followed the urges of my inner rebel back then, and at many points along the way since, I have no idea where I’d be today except a whole lot unhappier.

Without realizing it, many of us have given our lives over to a higher authority. I’m not talking about God here. I’m talking about the hidden influences that direct our actions. Powers such as the status quo (I can’t rock the boat), cultural and familial expectations (My people need me), false beliefs (I could never do that), self-image (What would people think?), money (It would be financially foolish), and overwhelm (I don’t know where to begin).

How can you possibly begin to assert yourself in the face of all this subtle but formidable authority?

You do what I did back then and what teenagers do every day: REBEL!

This free online Zoom course will help you get in touch with your unique and mighty inner rebel so that you can pursue goals that are important to you. Through guided meditations, group discussions and freewriting prompts, you’ll come to see how your inner rebel:

  • Knows what she needs to feel fulfilled.
  • Follows her intuition.
  • Spots BS when it occurs.
  • Doesn’t carry baggage she doesn’t need.
  • Never does anything simply because she “should.”
  • Refuses to play the role of victim because she’s the hero of her own life story.
  • Doesn’t challenge others for the sake of challenge, but instead, to come into alignment with her own truth.

If your inner rebel has been in hiding, get to know her and embrace her strengths by registering for this course.

Here are the details:
Title:   Release Your Inner Rebel
Date:  Monday August 31, 2020
Time:  Noon-1:30
Cost:  FREE

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Your partner in rebellion,