Improvisational Memoir: A Six-Week Generative Writing Class

By nature, we memoirists are deep thinkers. Not content to merely understand what happened, we also want to know why it happened, what it meant and how it changed us. All that thinking is necessary because it helps create riveting memoirs. But all that thinking can also prevent us from ever writing in the first place. Why? Because thinking can easily lead to over-thinking, over-planning, over-analyzing, second-guessing, perfectionism, procrastination, frustration, and giving up all together. Sound familiar? If you're tired of overthinking your story and are looking for a new (and fun) way to approach your writing, join me for Improvisational Memoir, a six-week generative writing class...

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Go From Good to Great Using Your Powers of Observation

By Susan Orlean

(This article originally appeared in Medium on November 5, 2021. I wanted to repost it here because Susan Orlean has been a tremendous teacher for me in my writing career. If you want to know how to craft compelling nonfiction, read her work!)

It’s stating the obvious to […]

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FREE: Making Friends with Fear

Fear is predominant emotion for memoirists. We fear what others might think, we fear failure, we fear success, we fear we’re not any good, we fear we may hurt others... and the list goes on and on. But fear is not out to stop us, it’s there to warn us and make sure we contemplate all facets of a situation before proceeding. This free Zoom class will introduce you to a tool to help you handle the heebie-jeebies when they arise.

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Living a Purposeful Life

What is it that Jane Goodall, Walt Whitman, Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman all share? At first glance, the lives of these impressive people don’t have much in common. But peer a little closer and you’ll find a common denominator: all understood their gifts, found and embraced their purpose in life and made great contributions to others. Now consider your life and these questions: What are your gifts? What is your purpose? How are you using yourgifts to contribute? If you’re longing to discover a path with more meaning and fulfillment, join longtime Enrichment instructor and purpose guide Shari Caudron for a class that will help you begin to explore these questions and connect with what the French call your raison d’etre—reason for being. Caudron holds a deep belief that in order to live a purposeful life, it’s essential to connect with and express what is uniquely yours.

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Making Friends With Fear

“What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it.” 


*(Copyright 2013, Brian Whetten, used with permission)


When we […]

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