What is Your Life Telling You?

Last summer, I started writing a book about living with intention so that I didn’t die with regrets. My working title: Not Dead Yet.

The writing was going well. I was exchanging pages regularly with another coach. I was starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, I might see this […]

Living Deliberately: How to Craft a Life of Intention

Note: This four-week online class meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m. and starts January 17th.

When Henry David Thoreau went to Walden, he went, he said “… because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it […]

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Writing on Purpose: A New Year’s, Kick-Butt, Goal-Setting Class

The story you tell yourself about your writing is the biggest predictor of how effective, satisfied, and successful you’ll be as a writer. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of the internal narratives that are fueling–or hindering–our work.

In this workshop, we’ll spend the first half […]

No More Excuses! The New Year’s, Kick-Butt, Goal-Setting Class for Writers

You've been dreaming about writing--both in general and for a specific goal--and yet you haven't made the progress you'd hoped. You're not going to let that happen this year--dammit! This is the year you're going to do it. You're going to send out that book proposal, finish that memoir, start writing those essays, and start believing it when you call yourself a writer. At least... that's what you think you're going to do. Problem is, you're not quite sure how.

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On longing, envy (and yes, writing)

There was a time in my early forties when I once spent the better part of a day shopping for a soap dish and toothbrush holder that would perfectly match the brushed nickel faucets in my newly remodeled spa bathroom. Back then, I was extremely proud of my just-spicy-enough jambalaya […]

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The New Story of Your Life

The ongoing pandemic, combined with cultural, environmental and economic upheaval, have prompted many of us to consider what we want our lives to look like going forward. We ask: Am I using my gifts? Am I living a life of purpose? Is my life fulfilling? This workshop will help you begin to envision what you want the story of your life to become, as well as how the stories you're telling yourself might be standing in your way. (Note: This is not a class about writing, but we will be using writing prompts during class to get at deeper truths.)

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Living a Purposeful Life

What is it that Jane Goodall, Walt Whitman, Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman all share? At first glance, the lives of these impressive people don’t have much in common. But peer a little closer and you’ll find a common denominator: all understood their gifts, found and embraced their purpose in life and made great contributions to others. Now consider your life and these questions: What are your gifts? What is your purpose? How are you using yourgifts to contribute? If you’re longing to discover a path with more meaning and fulfillment, join longtime Enrichment instructor and purpose guide Shari Caudron for a class that will help you begin to explore these questions and connect with what the French call your raison d’etre—reason for being. Caudron holds a deep belief that in order to live a purposeful life, it’s essential to connect with and express what is uniquely yours.

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