Hi! I’m Shari Caudron and I’m passionate about the life-changing power of personal narrative.

I believe stories are the most powerful things we possess. But most of us are too close to see our stories–we don’t know what they are telling us or how to revise them for the better. I want to change all that.

The world needs your story. More importantly, you need your story. To live a fulfilling life, you need to see the gifts and wisdom hidden inside your stories so that you can share those gifts with others.

see stories. That’s my superpower, and I put it to work as a memoir coach who can help you understand, write and publish your story.

Compassion. Confidence. Courage. Understanding. Direction. Purpose. I’ve seen clients gain all of these things by engaging in deep story work.

It’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me, which is why I’ve devoted all my career to personal storytelling in one way or other. Along the way, I’ve gotten to do some very cool things, including…

Work one-on-one as a coach with more than 450 clients driven to write and share their stories with others. My clients have published a wide variety of award-winning nonfiction books with major publishers, including including Macmillan, Pegasus, Harvard University Press, Wiley, and McGraw Hill. Others have gone on to have career-changing success with self-published books.

Teach memoir and personal storytelling to more than 2,500 adult students at the University of Denver, Arizona State University and Lighthouse Writers in Denver, where I received a student-nominated award for teaching excellence.

Help people discover their purpose and create more fulfilling lives by examining their life story, uncovering the stories that have held them back, and envisioning–and creating–a new story for their life going forward.

Speak about the transformative power of personal storytelling to a wide range of audiences including the University of Denver, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, The Colorado School of Mines, The Englewood Leadership Institute, and many others.

Write a book called WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?  about my personal search for passion. The book won the Colorado Book Award, was chosen for Entertainment Weekly’s MUST list (landing between Lassie and Bob Dylan!), and featured on NPR. (Listen/read here.)

Create an award-winning magazine column that was published in the United States and India where I had 1.2 million readers each week. The columns were collected together in my first book, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.

Publish more than 600 articles and essays as a freelance journalist. My work has appeared in wide range of publications, including Reader’s Digest, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, Traveler’s Tales, The Fourth Genre, The Hindu Sunday Times, 5280: Denver’s City MagazinePerceptive Travel and Canada’s National Post.

My goal is to teach you everything I’ve learned about the life-changing power of personal storytelling.

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