Debra Berndt-Maldonado

“Working with Shari Caudron on a memoir is like delving deep into your Soul and finding a path for its expression. Shari is more than an expert writing coach. She listens with her whole heart, mirroring back the potentially hidden meaning of what she imagines you are trying to convey, then offering her deep wisdom to help you understand the true essence of your story.  If you’re ready to dive in and follow her guidance, it’s possible to finish writing and publishing your memoir in a year’s time. I did!”

author, Reimagined, Real-Time Perspectives Press, 2021

Debra Berndt-Maldonado

“Working with Shari Caudron will leave you feeling confident and eager to write! If you’ve ever considered penning your memoir, have started and are stuck, or simply want to gain practical, relevant skills to move any type of writing project forward, do not hesitate for one minute and immediately click “register” — both for coaching and a retreat. I don’t know of any other guide who brings so much to the coaching experience: conceptual knowledge, practical knowledge, the love of everything literary, and a nurturing presence. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Shari. What are you waiting for?”


Cara Mentzel

“Writing a memoir is an agonizing, excruciating task on so many levels, not least of which is the fear of having someone look at your work and critique it. When it’s your own story, how can it not be personal? Having finished my first draft, I know the best decision I made in 2020, besides wanting to write, was to choose to work with Shari. I learned each time I spoke to her, she understood when it was difficult going and her honest, but thoughtfully framed, review was invaluable to this process. I stayed on the straight and narrow and finished, also thanks to Shari because she made it easy for me to write better.”


Matt Salis

“Without Shari’s help, I would most certainly have aborted my project. I owe her so much. She was the first person to believe in my writing. She told me what my strengths were and led me in that direction. I feel better than I have in 30 years, and that is due in very large part to her encouragement and mentoring. Never has someone swept into my life and made such an impact in such short order.”

author, Soberevolution, Stone Soup Publishing, 2020

Cara Mentzel

“Without fail, even brief conversations with Shari reinvigorated my writing. She is a purveyor of confidence, clarity, and stamina. She has the insight of a skilled therapist, and the craft of a great writer. She has been a cheerleader and a teacher and a friend. And truly, what more could a writer ask for?”

author, Voice Lessons: A Sisters Story

Debra Berndt-Maldonado

“I never expected to write a memoir. I’m in an engineering profession where we write precise and logical specifications. The vulnerability and emotional impact that a memoir must have quickly overwhelmed me. Somehow, Shari saw the potential in those flat and halting first drafts. She was the first professional writer to tell me I could actually succeed. Then she gave me the tools to connect with my emotions and get them on the page, helping me along with patience and grace. When writing got tough, she instinctively knew when to push a bit and when to give me space. Today, the back cover of my book is adorned with critical acclaim about the emotional power of my story. This is quite simply a tribute to Shari’s coaching.”

author, Playing God in Chair Twelve, Golden Elm Press, 2019

Michele Morris

“I couldn’t have written my memoir without Shari’s help – she taught me the important difference between journaling and memoir. The format of her six-month coaching sessions allowed me to approach the writing chapter by chapter and produce a first draft by the end of that coaching. Her guidance was so detailed and ideas so spot-on that I was able to work on my own from there to incorporate the suggested changes into my edits to create a compelling final manuscript.”

author, Poco a Poco, A Memoir 2018 Outskirts Press, Winner, Nautilus Book Award

Tamra Ryan

“By asking great questions, Shari was able to tease out the nuggets from my brain so I could get them on paper. Shari is determined to make a difference for her clients and gets very invested in their projects. You couldn’t ask for anyone better on your team.”

author, The Third Law, Gilpin House Press, 2013
Gold Medal Winner, 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards for Women/Minorities in Business
Gold Medal Winner, 2015 Living Now Book Awards for Social Activism/Charity
Winner, The Book Excellence Award for Civic/Social Change

Mark Galbo

“My daylong intensive with Shari was very productive and inspiring. We mapped out the building blocks of my book, which gave me the knowledge and courage to start writing. When I got stuck, Shari reviewed my manuscript and found a better way to utilize my natural style–which helped me get going again. I know I can trust her to tell me what’s working and what isn’t.”


Lynn Hall

“I worked with Shari extensively for a full year, and she was a tremendously valuable support. Not only did she help develop my skills as a writer, but she also was the sounding board I needed to talk through the challenges particular to telling my story. Without Shari’s coaching, I’m not sure my memoir would have ever landed with an agent or publishing house.”

author, Caged Eyes: An Air Force Cadet’s Story of Rape and Resilience Beacon Press, 2017

Heather Fox

“Shari is so much more than a writing coach. She is a brilliant editor, collaborator and champion of creative expression. Shari approaches her work with great care, professionalism and reverence. In 2018, I hired her to help me write my memoir.

“Memoir writing necessitates an inward look at the hidden tensions that unconsciously inform our personal narrative. This path requires courage and curiosity. Shari both understands and respects the process of writing memoir, recognizing its power to transform the limitations that often undermine our lives. Rather than dictate the course of exploration she helped me devise a preliminary map for my memoir while remaining open to where the path might lead.

“Each week, as my writing revealed a deeper understanding of the story, Shari offered invaluable suggestions, edits and insights to make my writing more concise, honest and alive. Our work together was a kind of written catharsis and a conscious reconstruction of my personal narrative. In completing my work with her I have grown immeasurably as a writer with much of my memoir complete. More importantly I have reclaimed authorship of the unfolding story of my life. That is an incomparable gift.”


Connie Shoemaker

“Shari’s coaching expertise is supported by her extensive reading, her own writing skill, and the warmth and humor of her individualized instruction. Her insightful questions opened the door for me to the ‘truth’ in my story and challenged me to use the reflective voice that exposed that truth. I highly recommend her.”

author, The Good Daughter: Secrets, Life Stories and Healing. Amity Bridge Books, 2015, and

Taste the Sweetness Later: Two Muslim Women in America, Amity Bridge Books, 2018 (2020 winner of the Colorado Book Award)

Kim Curtis

“Shari helped me focus on the most compelling parts of my story so that my book connected with readers on a topic that brings angst to many.”

author, Money Secrets, Financial Literacy Press, 2015
Independent Book Publishers IPPY Awards – Silver MedalistBenjamin Franklin Book Awards – Silver Medalist
International Readers’ Favorite Award, Business/Finance category
USA Book News Awards, Business/Finance category

Mark Galbo

“I was first exposed to Shari through a webinar. The exercises and advice she offered on conquering fear and other emotions made me feel I had to work with her—and I’m thankful I did! Shari helped me uncover why fear was holding me back and then worked with me as I completed a draft of my memoir. She absolutely knows what she’s doing! She’s intuitive and quickly picks up on what you’re trying to say. I’ll continue to work with her until my book is finished.”


Brian Gast

“My work with Shari was vital to producing a book I’m proud of.”

blogger, author, The Business of Wanting More, Barneget Press, 2012, Amazon Bestseller, Leadership Books
Finalist in the ‘Self-Help: Motivational’ category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards
Finalist in the Motivational category of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Debra Berndt-Maldonado

“Shari’s insight and direction improved my writing and helped me sharpen a proposal to land an agent and ultimately a deal with Wiley.”

author, Let Love In, Wiley Publishing (2010)

Mark Galbo

“Shari is so gracious, so giving, so generous in her listening that it’s as if a mirror is being held up to your truest self; the glass fogged with your deepest insights. Just when you thought that you had said too much, gone on too long, and gotten off topic, Shari says, ‘Wow! There’s some good stuff in there!’ She then proceeds to piece you back together, gently point your pen to paper, and get you back to writing.”

founder and CEO, Rock and Roll Academy

Kate Bohmann

“Through her patient ear and keen insight, Shari draws out your most authentic story, and then graciously guides you to its finest telling. As a result of her coaching, the book that has been on my heart for years is finally unfolding on the page.”


Heather Fox

“I have made more progress on my memoir with Shari in the last six months than I had in the previous five years. She not only gives me specific actionable feedback that has dramatically improved the quality of my writing, she has helped me understand what about my story is most compelling and resonant. Working with Shari has helped me to better understand my story and, more importantly, the events that have shaped my life.”


Join us at The Memoir Collective

If you need a shot of motivation, inspiration, and support, please join me and your fellow memoirists at the next meeting of The Memoir Collective.

The Memoir Collective is a free 90-minute online group where you can learn tips about memoir writing, do some freewriting in response to prompts, and get to know other memoirists. Past meetings of the collective have focused on such topics as turning points, faith and doubt, raising the stakes, and shifting your perspective to get at deeper truths.

Here is what past participants have had to say about the Collective:

“The women in my breakout groups were fascinating and eager to share. Listening to others speak about their doubts and how to keep the faith was inspiring.”

“This was very well done and well organized. It attracted strong people, with strong stories, and honesty.”