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Free workshop: Release Your Inner Rebel

In my first job out of college, I became incensed as I watched my boss sexually harass the intern I’d hired. My coworkers all looked the other way. But I couldn’t. Instead, I wrote a letter alerting the board of directors to his behavior. Before sending it, I shared the […]

How Writing a Memoir Changes Your Story

I was recently interviewed for a podcast sponsored by the Hoffman Institute. If you’ve never heard of Hoffman, well, let me say that if you’re ready to make some important changes in your life–or, if you’re stuck and have no idea where to turn–you may want to check […]

The Crumpled Note Story

When I was eleven years old, still flat-chested and shaggy-haired, I wrote my father a note explaining in painstaking detail the hurt I felt over some favoritism he’d shown my younger sister. The specific incident is lost to memory, but I remember writing and rewriting that note several times until […]

Free Writing Workshop — The New Story of Your Life

I don’t know about you, but I’m not always very calm these days. Yesterday, I put in a frantic call to my financial planner. Last week, I ordered 24 bars of chocolate. This morning, the mere thought of cleaning my office made me want to crack open a bottle […]

Your 30-Minute Myth

I have no scientific data to back this up, but I would say—based on experience and observation—that it takes an average of four years to write a memoir, and by that I mean the kind of well-crafted story others would want to read.

In the process, memoirists not only […]