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People write memoirs for all sorts of reasons: to make sense of life, to become a better writer, to correct misperceptions, to honor and remember, to help others. Whatever your particular motivation, I can almost guarantee that writing a memoir will be one of the most life-changing gifts you’ve ever given yourself.

Of course, those gifts aren’t always obvious when you’re in the throes of writing and are threatening to quit on a regular basis.

If you need to reinforce why you’re writing, and better understand what you stand to gain in the process, join us on Giving Tuesday for the next free meeting of the Memoir Collective where our topic will be The Gift of Memoir. As you’ll discover, knowing what you stand to gain from the writing can also help you understand your story on a deeper level.

Like all Memoir Collectives, this meeting will include plenty of freewriting prompts as well as time to meet with your fellow memoirists.

Registration is required.

What past participants have said about The Memoir Collective:

“Shari is organized and purposeful in way that made every part of the session interesting and valuable. The hands-on work and the sharing were so helpful for everyone. The way she facilitates means that everyone is heard but that the session continues to move forward. Superb!”

“Shari has incredible command and poise for the class – leading what can be an emotionally sensitive topic in a way that feels safe and part of the learning process for becoming a better and more productive writer.”

“I think Shari is an amazing teacher. She’s open, sensitive and extremely knowledgeable.”

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