Memoir Collective #10: Ask Me Anything

There are endless questions when it comes to writing a memoir. How do I get started and keep going? How do I deal with family  members? What if I can’t remember details or dialogue? What if I don’t know the real story, the best structure, or the overall theme?  If you’ve got questions like these, you’re not alone...

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The Memoir Collective #8: Tips and tricks for vulnerability

Have you had an experience you are too afraid to write about? Is there some anecdote you’ve been harboring as too shameful to share? If you’re like most writers (or human beings, for that matter), there is not one story you’ve been hiding, there are many.

If […]

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The Memoir Collective, #7: Dealing with Resistance

Fear, doubt, procrastination, starting over, changing subjects... resistance to writing takes many forms. In this free, 90-minute class we'll talk about resistance, what it is, why it exists, and--most importantly--how to manage it!

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No More Excuses! The New Year’s, Kick-Butt, Goal-Setting Class for Writers

You've been dreaming about writing--both in general and for a specific goal--and yet you haven't made the progress you'd hoped. You're not going to let that happen this year--dammit! This is the year you're going to do it. You're going to send out that book proposal, finish that memoir, start writing those essays, and start believing it when you call yourself a writer. At least... that's what you think you're going to do. Problem is, you're not quite sure how.

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5 Ways to Fight Fear and Doubt

I recently started a new writing project and for the last few days have been engaged in a full-on dogfight with fear and doubt. The project didn’t start with fear. Instead, it began—and progressed—like all my writing projects:

A vague idea that had been with me for several months started to […]

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