Memoir Collective #11: What’s Your Memoir Really About?

Memoirists have plenty of opportunities to step outside their specific story and comment on the larger situation they are describing–and these are the kinds of insights agents and publishers are looking for. Whether you’re writing about losing a loved one, being Black in America, surviving a climate-change disaster, or being […]

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Memoir Collective #10: Ask Me Anything

There are endless questions when it comes to writing a memoir. How do I get started and keep going? How do I deal with family  members? What if I can’t remember details or dialogue? What if I don’t know the real story, the best structure, or the overall theme?  If you’ve got questions like these, you’re not alone...

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The Memoir Collective #5; Effective Endings

Soon, we'll arrive at the ending to 2021. In honor of this, we'll spend this meeting of The Memoir Collective talking about endings, in particular, how to write successful sentence, paragraph, chapter and story endings. We'll also talk about that ever-vexing problem: how to identify the ending of your memoir.

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On longing, envy (and yes, writing)

There was a time in my early forties when I once spent the better part of a day shopping for a soap dish and toothbrush holder that would perfectly match the brushed nickel faucets in my newly remodeled spa bathroom. Back then, I was extremely proud of my just-spicy-enough jambalaya […]

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Your 30-Minute Myth

I have no scientific data to back this up, but I would say—based on experience and observation—that it takes an average of four years to write a memoir, and by that I mean the kind of well-crafted story others would want to read.

In the process, memoirists not only […]

Confessions of a Procrastinator

Let’s say it’s Thursday morning and you have some type of creative project due Monday. You’ve postponed the project for weeks because the right ideas weren’t forthcoming. But now, the deadline is looming, you feel as if you’ve been living on diet pills and black coffee, and you’re trying to […]

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5 Ways to Fight Fear and Doubt

I recently started a new writing project and for the last few days have been engaged in a full-on dogfight with fear and doubt. The project didn’t start with fear. Instead, it began—and progressed—like all my writing projects:

A vague idea that had been with me for several months started to […]

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